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Pran4you is Best Social Media Marketing Company In Patna. If you want to promote your product and services online via social media platforms then you have come right place. Pran4you who has been able to reach their target audience successfully using social media platforms. However, only few companies can actually benefit from social media marketing due to lack of knowledge about its effective usage. We establish your business as a strong online presence in order to make use of social media marketing. We identify your audience first before starting any sort of campaign.

The term social media is defined as internet-based tools that allow users to share information, ideas, videos, images, etc. over various platforms. People use these tools to stay connected with others across the world and share their personal experiences and express their opinions. Social media platforms are classified based on where they are accessible, including websites, blogs, user profiles, networks, forums, chats, video channels, and social books. When it comes to social media marketing companies, you will find a variety of choices based on your requirements. But you should always go for a reputable one since it will affect your brand’s reputation. Pran4you always provides you services according to your requirements.

Social media platforms are one of the best ways to advertise your business. These platforms gives you free and paid options to promote your business.

· Easy to reach a wide range of audience at low cost
· Promote any offer, event, campaign, coupon and many more

Types Of Social Media Platforms

There are several social media platforms that businesses can use to expand their market. Here are some examples:

Facebook – Most popular social network in the world today. Facebook offers free and paid advertising platform where advertisers can place ads in order to promote their products and/or services. Users have the option to interact with brands either by liking their posts or commenting on their stories. Another advantage of using Facebook is that it is possible to track what individuals in your niche are doing. Facebook is now a platform where not only people share their experiences but also products and brands. If you have a business, then Facebook is one of the best platforms to promote your product. There are no boundaries for businesses these days. You can market yourself and reach to millions of customers without spending much money. But it’s not just about posting content; you should use Facebook Ads to target users based upon their interests. You can even use Live Videos to engage them further. When we talk about social media marketing, Facebook takes the first place!

Instagram – Instagram is a photo/Image sharing website. Unlike Facebook, it does not offer paid advertising options; however, it is a good opportunity to build relationships and engage with customers. Users can comment on photos and add hashtags that relate to a particular topic. Brands can use this site to reach out to potential buyers and gain real time feedback.

Twitter – Twitter is similar to Instagram. This site offer paid options for marketers to promote their products on the site. While users do not have much control over how content is produced on the site, they can choose to follow specific accounts and receive updates from them regularly. Brands that focus on engaging customer service can take advantage of Twitter’s 140 character limit to respond instantly to queries.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a networking website designed specifically for professionals. Users can create groups and connect with targeted audiences. Groups provide members with opportunities to discuss topics related to their industry. Businesses can also endorse each other’s profile and attract potential connections.

YouTube – YouTube is an American owned video hosting and sharing website. It was launched in 2005. Due to the fact that it is owned by Google, it receives millions of visitors per day. Marketers can optimize their videos by targeting certain keywords and themes. YouTube was founded in 2005 and turned 17+ years old this year in 2022. In 2014, it became the third largest search engine after Google and Bing. YouTube is different than the rest because it is built around video content. Video content is easier to consume and share compared to text. Therefore, marketers started making use of YouTube to drive traffic to websites.

Tumblr – Tumblr is a microblogging site that allows its users to post text, links, pictures, videos, audio files, etc. The number of bloggers are increasing rapidly on the site. While Tumblr is free to use, it displays sponsored posts from advertisers on a regular basis. Marketers should avoid posting promotional and spammy content to the site in order to protect their reputation.


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